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About Me

About me

Hello everyone!

My name is Ferdynand Luydze Andrade, a Brazilian author, chemist, researcher, intuitive, spiritual and motivational counselor, focused on self-improvement and spirituality.

I write with the deep desire to bring knowledge, peace, and harmony to all people around the world. Using my intuitive abilities, I encourage people to seek their self-improvement, looking to the future, seeking the understanding that we are part of a universe in constant transformation, where the most important is to cultivate love and brotherhood.

Throughout my life, I have performed several professional activities. In one way or another, all are complemented by the knowledge acquired over the decades. Among the various experiences, no less important, I worked as a car mechanic, electronics technician and in the industrial area as a chemist, researcher, and technician in chemical process analyzers.

I am fascinated by aviation, air navigation, astronautics, astronomy, and space research. I had the opportunity to fly small airplanes and I really enjoyed flying in ultralights. These small, light aircraft require a lot of attention and sensitivity on the control stick and rudder pedals, especially on days with strong winds.

With a business partner, we had a company where we made graphic arts, photography, videos and whatever else it took for our customers to be satisfied. It was where I learned a lot about photography, cameras, design and using the most famous software for these activities.

As a researcher, I needed to learn a variety of programming languages to develop specialized, custom-made computer systems to run on remote servers.

I developed systems that are mainly used for the medical area and that brings me great satisfaction of presenting low need of support by the users. My work is always aimed at satisfying and bringing happiness to the customer in an honest and fair way.

From an early age, I have intuitions about people and events. In a way that may seem miraculous, but it is not, I am put in touch with someone who needs my opinion or help for something really important to their life.

Usually, an inspiration leads me to meet someone or to perform some kind of action.

Juliana Bluccelli is a great work that is with its Volume One published. While Volume Two is being written, other books may be published with independent subjects.

By the way, I do not write exclusively on spiritual matters. According to my inspiration, I can write books that address other themes that are always intended to provide a reading that offers learning for the personal growth of the reader.

The time we spend in reading a book is precious and should be well spent on alluring matters, because the clock does not go backwards, never.

My biggest commitment is to produce books with content that respect my readers who invest the precious money and time for reading. We all know how bad it is to have disappointments and disappoint someone.

I write and translate – when I am fluent in the language – my own books. The book Juliana Bluccelli – The search, can be found for now in three languages; English, Brazilian Portuguese and Spanish.

I want my books to provide readers with moments of reflection, peace, love and understanding of their existence and, why not, prosperity.

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